Italian food has been a gourmet way of eating for a very long time. When you decide that you want to have Italian food for your special event you are embarking on a difficult journey. You can’t deviate too far from the classic source material, but if you aren’t able to be distinctive enough the food will not be memorable. To help out, We have offered 4 ideas for catering Italian food!

4 Ideas for Catering Italian Food

Italian Sandwiches – We recommend wrapping these sandwiches in parchment paper, because we are going to be very heavy on the olive oil. First, we want to have a 1:1 ratio of meat and vegetables on this sandwich. Beef Salami to Spinach, Beef Salami to Tomato, Beef to Onions. Mayonnaise is a good way to go if you want it creamy, that’s always a nice touch because it’ll balance the tomato and the spices of the meat. But what we are going to do is spritz some olive oil and grate garlic on it gently, if you want to go the extra mile and toast the bread a little, it will really raise the flavors. Wrap with the paper and skewer with a toothpick and petit pickle.

Garlic Yards – Everyone loves garlic bread, to combat this, we recommend making it by the yard. Garlic, butter, spinach (for garnish), big loaves of bread. It’s not expensive, everyone loves it, so make as much as you can. This is our method: Place a couple of sticks of butter in a pan, chop garlic very fine and sprinkle it liberally. Next take a couple of leaves of spinach and tear them by hand and let the remnants fall into the pan. This will give your garlic a very exotic color. Toast the bread a little bit in a very Bánh mì style and then cook it again with the garlic butter on top.

Spaghetti & Meatballs – the most iconic Italian food and the easiest to mess up. We recommend having a rich and thick sauce that is heavy in onions, garlic, olive oil and of course the classic Italian herbs. The meatballs should be sautéed with red wine, parsley, garlic, and cumin. If you want to have a truly fancy finish, dump the meatballs into the spaghetti, sauce and all.

Catering Italian Food SpaghettiCannoli Cupcakes – Everyone loves cannolis, but the average event goer will want something lighter. Cannoli cupcakes offer the benefits of cannolis but in a much more manageable way. You want to make the cupcakes as soft on the inside as possible without letting them collapse. Fill it with your typical cannoli filling (ricotta, sugar, sweet chocolate, candied orange peels) and top with some ganache! We like to use bittersweet chocolate, heavy cream, sugar and almond paste for a little zazz.

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