Some people have the wrong idea that quality has to come at a high price, especially when it comes to those ‘extra’ services we think we can do without. Catering services are considered by many to be one of these types of services. People usually reserve ordering catering services for only the most important events and dread the day they have to pay the caterer. The good news is, this isn’t the case with all catering companies. In fact, there are many affordable caterers that are willing to work with clients to make sure they can provide them with services that fit with their budget.

Finding an affordable caterer that doesn’t disappoint on the important stuff, like food quality and taste, isn’t impossible. To begin your search, you can always ask friends and family for recommendations. Perhaps someone you trust has used a catering company they absolutely loved, or even better yet, perhaps they know someone who works with a catering company and can get you a great price! If asking your friends and family doesn’t result in much, then you can always turn to your favorite search engine and browse through reviews. Review sites, like Yelp, are great for letting you know what people really think about a company or business.


At Eden Catering we like to think of ourselves as affordable caterers who provide mouthwatering food and professional service to each and every one of our clients. We understand that every client has their own unique needs and desires and we do our best to ensure these are met without going over budget. We actually work with each client to determine what it is they are looking for from their caterer and what their budget is. By doing this we can determine what packages would suit our clients best. And you can be sure that no matter what package you choose, you will always receive delicious food and unbeatable, friendly service.

You don’t have to wait until some major event to order catering service. You can have all of your parties and events catered when you work with affordable caterers. Not only do some catering companies offer different types of packages, like ones that include solely the food or ones that include wait staff and linens, but you can also ask friends and family to lend a helping hand wherever possible. Let’s just imagine that you have a child’s birthday party coming up, but you don’t really want to cook, and besides you know Eden Catering has great, fun, food for the kids; you don’t need to order a full catering service! You can have us cater the food, while your family volunteers serve the food!

If you’re looking for an affordable caterer in South Florida to delight your guests’ palates with amazing food, then you need not look any further than Eden Catering. We’ve got you covered from the appetizers, to the entrees, and all the way through to the decadent desserts. All you have to do is give us a call at (954) 922-3344.