The nicest beaches in the Country

When most people think of South Florida they think of warm weather, sunny days, palm trees…and beaches! We’re known for having some of the nicest beaches in the country, so it’s no wonder why so many out-of-towners choose to fly their guests in for a destination beach wedding. Even the locals have to agree, beach weddings are always a good choice in South Florida. And with such fantastic weather almost all year long, it’s always a great season to get married by the ocean!

Considering A Beach Wedding

If you’ve been considering a Florida beach wedding, but don’t know where to start, then you need to give Eden Ballroom & Catering a call. We’ve got tons of experience in planning and we offer amazing beach wedding catering services. Although some people choose beach weddings because they view them as a low-key alternative to other elaborate wedding options, we know that there can be just as much work involved in planning a beach wedding as there is planning any other type of wedding. For starters, many people choose to have their ceremony at the beach, but the wedding party at a close by the venue, which means you have just as much to plan as those who opt for traditional church weddings.

florida Beach Weddings

We Can Help You Figure It All Out

Thankfully, we can help you figure it all out. We make planning your wedding a breeze, no matter what location or venue you choose. Our staff is eager to make sure you get everything you want, down to the very last detail. Whether you simply want an elegant ceremony at the beach, followed by a beach-themed party at a venue nearby, or whether you want the beach as a backdrop, but not the theme of your wedding…we can help you figure it all out. We’ll put you in touch with all of the best vendors in décor, music, and entertainment, and give you tips on how to save money while still planning your perfect wedding.

And when it comes to food, you can bet we’ll have you covered. We can provide your wedding with a great Surf ‘n’ Turf style menu, or anything else you’d like. From fresh and tasty salads to some of the best chicken and seafood dishes you’ve ever tasted, our food never disappoints. And once you’ve got your menu figured out, we’ll work closely with you to decide how you want it to be served to your guests. When it comes to quality, presentation, and service we are the best catering company in town.

If you’re looking for a venue for your after-ceremony party, then you have to take a look at our newly renovated ballroom. It features a large dance floor, stage, and fully-equipped bar, and can accommodate up to 500 guests! We even offer a private bridal room, where you can comfortably make any dress changes or touch-ups before going out to join your guests. If you’d like a tour of our facility or want to find out more about our catering services and beach wedding experience, be sure to give us a call today at (954) 922-3344. We can’t wait to start helping you plan the ultimate beach wedding!