Birthday Parties are some of the most fun times a person can have. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of work, to show appreciation for a friend, or make a family member feel amazing. No matter what you do, birthday parties are some of the greatest things ever. As somebody who plans birthday parties, the only downside I can think of is all the work that goes into it. That’s why we are here to tell you some great Birthday Party Catering ideas! No longer do you have to worry about the cake being done on time or if the food is good or not, leave it in the hands of catering professionals!

Birthday Party Catering Tips

Appetizers: Appetizers should be something small yet audacious. This will be a big ‘wow’ piece that will be the yin to the soup/salads yang. You want a rich flavor with a complimenting dip that says wow. One of our favorite choices is garlic mozzarella stick with a franch (French and ranch) dressing. This creates a euphoric combination for the attendees.

Birthday Party Catering

Time for the pasta: You don’t always want to finish with pasta, but you want to land on something heavy, fulfilling and nuanced. The goal is to give them time to gestate. This will be the period in which the birthday gifts are brought out and the full festivities begin. Now that everyone is well fed, they are much happier with the festivities.

some birthday party catering tips about appetizers

Soups & Salads: You want to follow that up with a 2:1 salad to soup ratio and fast. Most people are going to be so piqued by those flavors that they will want to eat more. So it’s important for a light salad (vinaigrette and oil are nice), and we always follow up the previous with a tomato bisque.

Birthday Party Catering spaghetti

Dessert: The dessert should be the culmination of all of the flavors used. If you have been going thick and creamy like we have been doing in the example, we will finish it with a thick banana pudding. A sweet succession to a creamy night. This finish will always need to be complementary or dazzling. But, it must be connected and not out of nowhere.

Eden Catering

Eden Catering has been providing birthday party catering in Hollywood for many years. We pride ourselves on the feeling of making people happy through our cooking. Our culinary skills will ensure that every birthday party you have through us will be memorable and thrilling. Call us today at (954) 922-3344!