Bridal Shower Party Catering

Hollywood Bridal Shower Catering

Bridal showers make for a fabulously good time! A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration for the bride. It’s a time when the bride’s fantastic girlfriends and family members get together to “shower” her with special gifts. And what better place to hold a beautiful shower for the special bride-to-be than the newly renovated Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering in Hollywood?

The Bridal Shower History

Historically, bridal showers began as another option for families who couldn’t provide a dowry for the bride. The bride’s family would hold a party where guests were asked to bring gifts to welcome the bride into her new marriage or to help her secure a marriage with someone of her choosing. Thankfully, through the years bridal showers have evolved into much more joyous occasions. Today, bridal showers are fun events where women gather together to share advice, laughter, stories, and, of course, gifts!

A Party Planned by Family Members

Bridal showers are usually planned by family members or by one of the ladies in the bridal party. However, this doesn’t mean that a bride can’t plan her own shower. No matter who does the planning, one thing is for certain…you’re going to need a caterer for your bridal shower party catering. Luckily, Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering is the perfect place to get all the girls together. We’re sure the bride and guests will love our sunny Hollywood location! Who knows, after the party is over everyone might just want to head on over to the beach!

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It’s All About The Bride

Bridal shower party catering can be a completely different theme from the wedding. In fact, most of them are! Whereas a wedding is a combination of both the bride and groom’s preferences, the bridal shower is all about the bride. This means you probably have the more creative freedom to plan something that’s fun, classy, elegant, and even a little flirty! You might even find that planning a bridal shower party catering for your bride is almost as fun as attending one.

Part of finding the perfect venue is making sure it meets all of your party catering needs. One of these needs is space. Small space or large space, we’ve got it! Our banquet hall also features a large dance floor and a fully equipped bar. To put the cherry on top of our amazing venue; we also offer amazing food choices! Our kitchens are staffed with master chefs who can cook up virtually any delectable cuisine you can dream of. They can even cater to those with special diets!

Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering will help you figure out all the details for the party. We have worked with some of the greatest professional vendors in the area and would be more than happy to share this information with you. We know that everyone in the bridal party will absolutely love our beautiful and spacious facility. By the way, our venue is also great for wedding showers!

To start planning the perfect bridal shower, call us today at (954) 922-3344 and ask to speak to one of our qualified and talented event coordinators.