Brit Milah Catering Party

Brit milah? Mazel tov! You have a beautiful boy and eight days to plan a bris! A brit milah literally translated means “covenant of circumcision,” and refers to the religious ceremony performed on the 8th day of a child’s birth. A brit milah formally welcomes the new baby boy into the Jewish community. More than just a surgical procedure, the brit milah is a religious ritual that marks the child as belonging to the people with whom God made a covenant.  Once the actual brit milah catering ceremony has been completed, friends and family gather together to celebrate!

Brit Milah Catering Ceremony

The traditional Jewish ceremony of a brit milah is performed by a mohel; a Jewish male or female who has been trained to perform the circumcision as well as lead the religious ceremony. The mohel should be decided upon and contacted as quickly as possible after the birth of the baby boy, to ensure that the ceremony can be scheduled for the 8th day of the baby’s life. The ceremony itself consists of prayers and blessings as well as the baby naming and circumcision. Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering is a partner of Temple Sinai of Hollywood, which means you can have your baby’s brit milah catering ceremony and celebration all in one great place.

Brit Milah ceremony

Brit Milah Catering Ceremony

Some families choose to have a more intimate guest list for the brit milah ceremony but still want to publicly celebrate the occasion with all of their friends and relatives at the after party. At Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering in Hollywood, you can choose to invite as many guests as you’d like. Our banquet hall can fit anywhere from 50 to 500 guests. It also features a great stage where you can set up a DJ booth, live band, or have guests give congratulatory speeches.

Brit Milah Catering Brunch Style

Because a brit milah is a daytime ceremony, many families enjoy having brunch-style meals served at the celebratory after-party. Our brunch menus can include a variety of salads, egg dishes, fruit, vegetable dippers, cheese, sushi, and more! We even offer the popular option of having buffet-style stations like the omelet station, pancake station, and crepe station, to name a few! And everything you and your guests will be served is 100% kosher.

How you celebrate this beautiful and meaningful day is completely up to you. However, we at Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering in Hollywood FL want this to be as stress-free as possible. After all, it’s a time to enjoy your new little bundle of joy and share your happiness with family and friends! Our talented and attentive event will help you with planning the brit milah. We can take care of all the details for you, from getting the right décor for the venue to coordinating the music and entertainment for the event.

To get started on planning the perfect brit milah, call us today at 954-922-3344 and ask to speak to one of our qualified and talented event coordinators.