What is cholov yisroel

Cholov Yisroel catering Cholov Yisroel is a term that refers to all dairy products including cheese and even milk powder. It is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring that we keep our kosher standards.

For example, Cholov Yisroel means that the kosher must come from a kosher animal such as Cows and even Sheep. However, non-kosher species such as horses and camels are not kosher when they produce milk.

What are the Requirements for cholov yisroel Catering Services

Kosher Farming – Kosher farms are farms that only consist of kosher animals (such as sheep and cows.) Since they are completely kosher throughout the form, there would be no need to follow up with whether or not the milk is kosher because it comes from a farm that has no chance of mixing kosher.

Mashgiach Supervision – if the farmer holds a non-kosher farm yet wants to create kosher milk, there needs to be a Mashgiach employed. The Mashgiach is someone who manages and verifies that a non-kosher farm is harvesting milk in a kosher manner and having zero chance of cross-polluting with non-kosher animals.

Fruit and Cheese PlatterCaterers – While caterers ensure that the food is kosher and that Cholov Yisroel is kept, they are ultimately responsible for keeping kosher and not maintaining that milk is Cholov Yisroel.

Eden Catering

We pride ourselves on being Cholov Yisroel caterers. We keep ourselves strongly kosher and always offer the best catering in South Florida. We want you to relax and enjoy yourself at our events and trust that everything we make is kosher and great to eat!

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