Chuppah Ideas

Chuppahs are traditional Jewish canopies that a couple stands under at the altar to symbolize the home a couple will build together during their marriage. It’s a beautiful symbol of a brand new marriage and many wonderfully happy years to come. Chuppahs have also become more popular outside the Jewish traditional for its symbolism and its beauty. While there isn’t anything wrong with a classic chuppah, your wedding is full of moments where you can truly make it unique for you and your groom. You can make your chuppah reflect your unique love and personality as a couple. You can create a canopy that perfectly complement the venue chosen or make the focus of your wedding ceremony the chuppah, so it is a beautiful visual point for you and your guests.

For bold ideas, a chuppah doesn’t have to a chuppah in the traditional sense; you can choose an above item or a unique chandelier of your choice. Here at Eden catering, we would like to share some Chuppah idea to consider when it comes to your wedding.

Some Ideas to consider

  • wedding chuppah with Eden CateringYou can create a garden chuppah with lush, beautiful flowers or wood trees. It has a beautiful natural look that seems one with the earth and adds an authentic feel.




  • chuppahs with Eden CateringThis is a mix of traditional and old with this chuppah. It goes well with the lighting and is stunning in the nighttime. It is a beautiful visual point to keep the focus on your and your groom.




  • chuppahs by the sea eden cateringA simple Chuppah by the sea is a breathtaking idea to consider for your wedding. It’s sheer simplicity and elegance can match many wedding styles while providing a feel of ambiance that fits your wedding perfectly.



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There are many ways to style your Chuppah. After planning and figuring your wedding plans, you can call Eden Catering for all of your catering needs. We can help you plan the right Jewish menu that will fit with the theme and décor of your wedding. Call us at 954-922-3344.