The wedding scene has been overrun with creative wedding ideas ever since the introduction of sites like Pinterest and Instagram. It’s impossible to open any social network without being overwhelmed by handmade bouquets and unconventional dresses. Traditional weddings and non-traditional weddings alike have been changing over the years, and now many brides have decided to take their wedding decorations entirely into their own hands. DIY weddings are the new hit on the wedding scene, and with a little hard work, yours can be too.


Handmade bouquets are some of the most popular creative wedding ideas. Going past the usual floral arrangement that so many brides have carried down the aisle, some brides have decided to create their own. Bouquets made out of the pages of books have become very popular in the recent weeks, as have fabric bouquets, metal bouquets, and beyond! Brides that are hosting beach weddings have also created seashell arrangements for their big day, and many brides that are welcoming in the autumn season have decided to carry a small bundle of wheat down their aisle. The options for creative wedding bouquets are endless.

Planning on walking down the aisle? Some creative wedding ideas go past the calm, regal walk down the aisle. Instead, some brides have decided to strut, dance, and skip their way down the wedding aisle. You can imagine the delight on your guests’ faces when Here Comes the Bride cuts away to your favorite dance song. You can have your bridesmaids and groomsmen boogie down to the altar as your guests begin to shimmy along with them.  Just remember to bring your dancing shoes when you attend one of these brides’ weddings.

Creative wedding ideas aren’t just limited to the wedding party. Have creative favors for your guests so they can always remember what a great time they had at your wedding. Many brides have decided to go environmentally friendly with their wedding favors and include small potted plants along with name cards for their guests to enjoy.  Others include small jars of edibles for guests to take home a tasty treat with their favors. Honey, macaroons, and jam are all popular additions to any edible wedding favor. Just imagine your adorable little favors adorned with you and your spouse’s names, all for the enjoyment of your guests.

Your wedding can be as unique as you want when you’re willing to do-it-yourself! Unconventional ideas are in-style and are all the more beautiful when they’re handmade. Elegant, handmade cake toppers can make your cake unique to you and your spouse. What better way to make your marriage ceremony memorable than by planning a beautiful and creative wedding? When you create your own wedding, you can be sure to get the most enjoyment out the final results. Congratulations on your new life together!