If you’re wedding is in need of the finest Cuban cuisine, Eden Catering can feed those cravings with some of the best kosher food in town. Creole, African and Spanish dishes often make up the natural Cuban taste of food with an assortment of rice and beans. Moros y Cristianos is the common phrase for meals that are cooked with beans and rice, along with a long lasting recipe called Ropa Vieja, which is a shredded beef stew that contains a healthy tomato and veggie sauce to give an excellent taste.

Wedding days are very important and the right Cuban cuisine can make a world of wonders to bring out the best memories that a person can ask for on their special day. The food must be on point to satisfy your guests to the fullest. Could you imagine having a food mishap on the biggest event of your history? We promise not to let that happen at Eden’s Catering because our chefs will relax those taste buds to a world of imagination and fulfillment. Meeting your kosher needs will be taken care of by our highly dedicated chefs to prepare the best meals you’ve ever tasted.

Come and taste the Fusion of Spanish, Caribbean & African Cultures combined in one, “The Cuban Cuisine,” features a delicious Mambo Mosiac Arroz Congri, Fried Plantains, Yuca con Mojo Stuffed Potatoes and the emblematic Arroz Con Pollo Y Que Viva Cuba Libre!

Cuban Wedding Cuisine

These are some of the many great dishes you will find amongst the best tasting Cuban cuisine that you will come across. Cuban weddings are very special ceremonies with the festivities happening before and after the actual wedding, and it’s important to keep those hungry mouths fed while the wait passes and to keep the good times rolling. Stop on by to see what our menu has in store for you!

Cuban Wedding Cuisine Eden Catering