Looking for the right songs to play at your wedding can be a task just as daunting as finding the perfect venue or the perfect dress. After all, you want music that fits all the special moments that take place during a wedding, as well as music that will entertain your guests! There is virtually an unlimited array of options when it comes to choosing what songs will be played at your wedding! What’s important is to include the ones that will make your party everything you envision it to be. Which ones will capture you and your partner’s commitment in the way you want it to? Which ones will get everyone jumping on the dance floor? Creating a wedding playlist can be fun; all you have to do is turn on the music!


Maybe you want to walk down the aisle to a traditional rendition of Here Comes the Bride, or maybe you want to go the nontraditional route and choose something special that reminds you of your partner. Hey, maybe you want your bridal party to dance down the wedding aisle! Figuring out what songs you want to play at what moments throughout your wedding, can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of the wedding planning process. You could make your guests dance and boogie by strutting down the aisle to your favorite pop song, or you could fill the room with laughter by surprising them with a silly number.

Some people choose music to match the wedding theme and décor. After all, one of the most essential parts of finding the best wedding songs is picking pieces that suit your wedding. If you’re planning a 1920s themed reception, you should make sure your music fills the air with saxophones and deep, soulful voices. Alternatively, if want to make sure that everyone gets up and dances at your reception, you might want to consider playing everyone’s favorite hits. Everyone at your wedding will be running to the dance floor once they hear their favorite song start to play. When your guests remember your wedding, they’ll remember having the absolute best time of their lives.  

Finding the best wedding songs for that special dance between you and your partner can be difficult. You may be undecided about whether you want music that is heartfelt and meaningful or whether you want something lighthearted and fun. Maybe you want to dance to the song that was playing when you met the love of your life. Or maybe you want to surprise your guests by choosing a fun song that you’ve coordinated a dance routine too! How about both?

Finding a wedding song you’ll both love is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the wedding planning process. As you listen to some of your favorite songs, think of the things that remind you of your partner, and your love. With so many great songs to choose from, we know there’s one that will speak directly to you and your beloved. No matter what song you choose, remember, this is your special day, and your memory. Make sure the first track to the rest of your life is one you won’t ever forget.