Create a Fun Wedding Reception

fun ideas for wedding Eden Catering Your wedding is around the corner, and you want to create a fun reception for all of your guest! The reception is where the real party begins and you want to make it memorable. It is a good idea to search for fun ideas for your wedding and create a super cool reception. There are plenty of ways to amp up your wedding reception, and we have a couple of ideas we would like to share to create a fun wedding reception.

A Welcome Dinner Before your Wedding Reception

It doesn’t have to be an actual dinner, dinner per se. After your ceremony, your wedding party and you hurry away for pictures. You as a bride might have to switch dresses. That time your guests wait for the return of the bridal party, your groom and yourself. Throw a small get together with your guests where they have some drinks and appetizers. Your guest can mingle right before you wedding reception and not become impatient while they wait for you and your party.

An Interactive Food Station before the Wedding Receptionfun wedding reception ideas eden catering

While your guests wait around for the bridal party before the reception, instead of a welcome dinner, you can create a customizable wedding food station. The station can be filled with small things like fruit, cheeses, and crackers that they get to  pick to make their own little appetizers. Make or hire the right caterer to create visually beautiful food stations that invite your guest to come and make cute little appetizers for themselves.

Spread Out the Food throughout the Wedding Reception

wedding reception eden cateringInstead of the typical three course meals that people eat loudly but albeit in silence. Serve or separate the meals throughout the night. Between each serving, plan a small surprise or events like a short toast from a funny family member or friend or a dance performance or perform a skit by the little kids. That way you can provide your guest with a show that will be memorable for years to come and make it seem like your wedding reception is a show and a dinner.

Eden Catering has all the tools you need to create a beautiful but fun wedding reception that will have your guests talking about for years to come. We are an award winning catering company with options to serve our guests and bring to life the kind of wedding reception party.