Haitian Wedding If you prefer to have a wedding that’s full of color, music, and friends, then you might want to consider incorporating some traditional Haitian weddings customs into your event. Like many Caribbean weddings, Haitian wedding ceremonies are festive and fun, and traditionally involve whole communities of guests. Since word of the wedding is spread by…word of mouth…it’s never certain how many guests might be showing up to a Haitian wedding. While this may not be exactly what you’d like to happen at your wedding, Eden Catering is happy to share some other Haitian wedding traditions that you might be interested in including on your special day.

A Haitian wedding is not a brief affair. These wedding ceremonies are a little longer since many couples choose to include a sermon and several songs in their ceremony. There is also a full bridal party in attendance, including a best man, a maid of honor, bridesmaids and children. It’s not uncommon for the best man and maid of honor to share the altar with the bride and groom either.

Haitian Kremas Haitian Weddings Eden CateringMost of us already know the Caribbean to be a region full of music and dancing, so it’s no surprise that dancing is such a large part of a Haitian wedding. Not only does the bridal party do a sort of dance as they walk into the ceremony, but they also dance to signal the end of a ceremony. Dancing also occurs during the reception and can last all night long. It’s a good thing that Eden Catering can provide a venue with large dance floors! Plus, we can even help you find a reputable DJ who can play traditional Haitian music as well as American favorites.

You can expect quite a feast at a Haitian wedding! Haitian Kremas is a popular adults-only drink made with rum that’s typically served at special occasions such as these. There is always plenty of food and drink available for guests to enjoy at a Haitian wedding, and Eden Catering can help make that true for your wedding too.

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Haitian Weddings

If you’re thinking of incorporating any of these traditions into your wedding, or you’d like some more ideas for planning a Haitian wedding, we’d be happy to help! We work with some of the best vendors in South Florida and can help you create the wedding of your dreams, no matter what customs you follow. At Eden Catering we can help you with everything from deciding on a fantastic venue to planning a menu that anyone would be excited to eat from! Just give us a call today and let us help you get started with your planning.