Hanukkah Recipes

The festival lights have been a staple of Jewish tradition for centuries. The lighting of the menorah, the coming together of the family is some of the best times of the year for members of the Jewish faith. With the coming together of the family comes a great time to try out new Hanukkah Recipes!

Hanukkah RecipesHanukkah has a very particular feeling when people are eating. Nobody wants to eat anything particularly heavy, and it’s a great holiday to test finger foods. While it is good to try some things out, let’s not deviate too far from the standard oil-based traditions.


Sufganiyoh – Sufganiyah is the time-honored fried jelly doughnut. When it comes to how you choose to fill it, the sky is the limit. You choose how you like it, but if you want our opinion, you need to design the Sufganiyah with the latkes so you can pair the two of them into a beautiful combination. Some fillings can be Dulce de leche, chocolate or vanilla, coffee flavor or your basic jelly if you’re feeling like keeping it classic.

Hanukkah RecipesLatkes – Latkes are of course the cooked potato pancakes that are a staple of Jewish culinary arts. For latkes, you need to know your crowd. Most people think that the crispier the latke, the better, while some people don’t want to have potato chips. I like there to be a little bit of munch in the middle with crunch all the way around.

Latke Toppings

Cinnamon Dolce Applesauce – Applesauce is a customary topping for latkes that people love to have. While cinnamon is a great accent piece, we enjoy mixing some cinnamon dulce into the apples before topping off wth a touch of cinnamon.

Garlic Basil and Pesto – Blend a healthy amount of Pesto and Garlic. You want to work with a 4 to 1 ratio. Don’t forget that the garlic is an accent and very strong. Once you have that minced together, you want to sprinkle some Basil for good measure to bring everything up. This is a delicious choice if you want to add an unexpected burst of flavor, squeeze some lime into it as well.

Spicy Mustard and Cumin – I like using mustard with big seeds in it because it adds a great mouthfeel. If you’re making your own, I suggest chipotle powder with stoneground mustard. Then at the end sprinkle just a little bit of cumin for a nice touch.

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