Planning a party at home that needs catering? We can help you with the ins and outs of catering at home. That way, your guests will be blown away by the catered food you’ve ordered specifically for your event at home. Don’t have any guests? No problem! Many people choose to have their dinners catered every so often, making for a delicious evening with little work involved.

People choose to order home catering for a variety of events. These are just some of the many in which you might like to try and save yourself the stress of cooking:

  • Holiday dinners.
  • Birthday parties.
  • Family barbecues.


The experts at Eden Catering have catered for these events, as well as many others. Like any good catering company, we are ready to handle any type of event you might need catered. Our home catering services are just as fresh and delicious as if you were ordering catering services on premise. We’ve got real customer reviews to back that up, too!

Because there isn’t a venue to worry about you need to make sure your caterers have accurate directions to the home. If there are any tricky areas or if you are aware of an area with heavy traffic, which might make your caterers late, it’s good to let them know ahead of time. It might even be a good idea to have your caterers come a little earlier than you first believed, just in case something occurs. Before planning your catered event at home, you should come up with a game plan that looks similar to this:

  • Have an idea of what kind of food you’re looking for before you start searching the web for caterers.

If you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, you probably don’t want to cater from a service that specializes in fine cuts of steak and hors d’oeuvres, and if you’re planning an Oriental or Latin-themed party, you’re going to want a catering service that’s experienced in creating international dishes. In short, make sure the catering service you’re thinking of selecting is going to suit the type of event that you’re looking for. Luckily for you, the chefs at Eden Catering are masters in creating exotic culinary masterpieces, as well as traditional and delicious food for all ages and flavor profiles.

  • If possible, sample some of the dishes you plan on ordering.

What better way to ensure that the food you’re getting is delicious than by tasting it? Make sure you enjoy your food before you settle on a big purchase. It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion by bringing someone along.

By following our tips and tricks to catering at home, you can make sure your home catering experience catering goes off without a hitch. You’ll save yourself the stress and time, and get to enjoy delicious food at your event or home dinner with your family and friends.  If you’d like to plan your next home catering event for 2014, give Eden Catering a call at (954) 922-3344.