How does Boat Catering work

As the summer months are rolling up, we are going to be receiving more requests for boat weddings and boat catering. Since most people are curious as to how that process works, we figured we’d write a blog and disclose this information for public reference.

Firstly, catering for boats does not necessarily equate to cooking on boats, and most of the time we cook before we get on the boat and simply transfer the food and keep it hot in transit.

The Three Steps to Boat Catering

Cook – The first step that we have to make is to cook the food. This is arguably the easiest part of the process. Based on the requests of the bride and groom, or the event planner, we will cook food that both complements their tastes and holds better during travel.

watermelon drink refresherStore and Transport – Once the food is cooked, we have a complex procedure of packaging and delivering the food while also keeping them as hot as possible. The main priority during travel is Food Safety and Food Quality.

Hot Plates – Once we arrive at the boat, the most important thing to do is get the food set up and on hot plates as fast as possible. A great caterer will use tact to keep the food out of sight and out of mind to not detract from the wedding itself.

What food works best at Sea?

Seafood – Most people will ask for seafood when they are at sea. This is challenging because seafood has to be constantly and thoroughly cooked to keep well during transit. But it is also satisfying and delicious.

Cold Dishes – Any salad, applesauce, or refrigerated hors d’oeuvres will usually be the easiest thing to unveil and will be a necessity in the back pocket of any caterer.

Pasta – Most pasta with meat and definitely any meatless pasta will be your best friend when you are catering on a boat. Because that can be refrigerated and warmed up easily to still being of similarly high quality.

Kosher? – Will the food be kosher when brought out to sea? It will be difficult to do, but we can make a kosher boat catering event happen.

Eden Catering

If you have any questions or concerns about boat catering or other types of specialty catering services, feel free to give us a call. We have been working as caterers for several years and in that time have helped countless special events happen. So call us today!