Preparing to Carve a Turkey

For turkey, you want to retain as much of the juice as possible. All that flavor is going to stay in through the moisture retention. So before you start cutting, you want to let the juices settle and stay within. You also want to have efficient, clean cuts to properly carve a turkey.

You should use two sharp knives one at a time. A 6-inch knife and a 12-inch knife and then use your hand for counterbalancing.

How to Carve a Turkey

Take The Legs

6-inch knife.

how to carve a turkeyScoring the turkey is taking the legs off of the cooked fowl. All you’re going to do is run your finger down the side of the body and cut in that inset area where the leg is connected.

Splitting Thigh and Drumstick. You want to find the V. The v is where the joints are connected, and you want to split the bone from where it meets the joint for an easier cut.

Removing the Wings

6 Inch Knife.

Find the V. Similarly to splitting the thighs and drumsticks; you want to find the V for the wings and lop them off quickly. This will make it much easier for cutting the breast.

The Breast

12 Inch Knife.

Take the Skin Off. The skin will dull your blade if you’re not careful, so remove the skin before cutting.

Thanksgiving PackageBending the Bone. The chest bone is on a curve. The best way to break this is to dig your fingers in and pry the bone away, then slide the knife in and cut through.

Go Against the Lines. Once you’ve separated the breast, set it aside and find the striations in the muscles. You want to cut long, half-inch to inch thick slices of meat that show the striations in the meat. This will keep the thing from falling apart.

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