With all the trending diet terms being thrown around these days, it’s hard to remember that there are some diets that have been around for centuries. Yes, centuries. We’re talking about kosher diets. Kosher diets are mostly followed by members of the Jewish faith. The word kosher is just the English term for the Hebrew word “kashrut,” which refers to the Jewish dietary laws. Though many people have heard of kosher foods and kosher diets, they aren’t necessarily versed in Jewish kosher rules. As a kosher catering company, Eden Catering is dedicated to making sure that all meals prepared are done so in accordance with kosher rules.

Although the origins of kosher preparation are unknown, there are various resources for information on kosher rules available online. When asked why they follow a kosher diet, many Jews will simply state that the Torah calls for it. Again, for many Jews this is simply enough. Whatever the reason for keeping kosher, those that do so do not take the matter lightly. While there are several rules to kosher eating, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or difficult to do so in modern day. The following are some basic kosher rules for Jewish people:

  1. Not all animals are kosher. Only land animals that have “cloven hooves” and “chew the cud” may be eaten. They have to possess both qualities. Some examples of kosher meat include cattle, goats, sheep, lamb, and bison. Birds may be eaten, but the Torah provides a list of forbidden species. Only fish with fins and scales may be eaten. Some examples of kosher fish, include tuna, salmon, and carp.
  2. Kosher animals must be slaughtered according to Jewish law. Animals killed by other animals or that died due to natural causes may not be eaten. Blood and veins must be removed.
  3. Kosher rules state that certain parts of the approved kosher animals may not be eaten.
  4. Although fruits and vegetables are kosher, they must be thoroughly washed and inspected for bugs since insects are not considered kosher.
  5. Jewish kosher rules forbid the mixing of meat [poultry] and dairy. They should not be eaten together, cooked together, or served together. It is permissible to eat fish and dairy together, as well as eggs and dairy.
  6. Utensils, including pots and pans, must be kosher. The kosher status of a utensil is determined by what it has been used for and only applies under the presence of heat.


Although this is just basic information on kosher rules, we hope that we’ve provided you with some basic knowledge on what constitutes Jewish kosher rules. At Eden Catering you can rest assured knowing that we take every step necessary to ensure that your catered event is 100% kosher. Of course, certain events require more kosher restrictions than others, and you can be sure that we will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met. We are also Glatt-Kosher certified by the Orthodox Rabbinical Board of Broward & Palm Beach Counties, so you can feel safe in knowing that all kosher rules and kosher practices are being put into place. If you’d like to find out more about our kosher catering services, please give us a call at (954) 922-3344.