Kosher services Coral Springs? For the very best in kosher catering, you need the services of Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering. Operating out of Hollywood Florida, our family-owned business is experienced in serving up fine kosher food to Jewish communities all over South Florida. In fact, we are proudly partnered with Temple Sinai of Hollywood. For catering that is fresh, tasty, and all-kosher, you can count on Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering.

Are you planning your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah? At Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering we want to remind you that just because you’ll be serving kosher food, it doesn’t mean your menu has to be boring, or limited! Together, we’ll help you come up with a customized menu that fits the theme of your child’s party, which will include tasty and fun food for your younger guests. That doesn’t mean the adults will have to sacrifice their palates for the evening, however. We’ll also be sure to work with you to ensure that your menu includes unique and delicious food that will tantalize the taste buds of your older guests!


No matter what the theme of your affair, you can rely on Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering to provide you with the finest kosher services Coral Springs. Our chefs are dedicated lovers of food who have years of experience in bringing out the finest of flavors in every meal they create. Their goal is to make sure that every guest is satisfied with the food they were served. And we know you wouldn’t mind being praised for having picked such a fantastic catering company!

Great kosher services Coral Springs doesn’t just end with the food; the food is just one part of a whole package that makes or breaks a catering company. Luckily for you, Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering has taken care to ensure that every detail of the catering service has been addressed. That means, we are attentive to the presentation and serving of the food as well. After all, what’s the use of great tasting food if your guests won’t try it because it doesn’t look appealing? And why would anyone accept food from a grumpy server? Our food will look as fabulous as you want it to and will be presented in a manner that fits within your party’s theme. And our servers are guaranteed to be polite, friendly, and helpful individuals who will do their best to assist your guests through their mealtime.

Did you know that Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering holds a Kashrus certificate, provided by the Orthodox Rabbinical Board (O.R.B.) of Broward & Palm Beach Counties? The O.R.B. follows the strictest of standards when it comes to kosher food preparation. We not only prepare kosher food, we can also provide food for those who follow certain types of diets, including, but not limited to: vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

It’s no secret that we enjoy, and are good at what we do. Customers all over South Florida who have tried some of our kosher catering services have raved about how excellent the food and service was. We know you’ll love our kosher services Coral Springs, too, which is why we think you should consider us for your next Jewish event. From bar mitzvahs to weddings, Kiddush, and holiday parties, we’re here to help you make sure you celebrate your Jewish heritage in style and bold flavor. Give us a call today at (954) 922-3344 to set up an appointment!