Our Kosher Kids Friendly Menu!

We’ve already established in previous blogs that kosher eating is both comparable to the vegan diet regarding discipline and extremely healthy. But is it good for a kids menu? Can you make a kosher kids friendly menu? We believe the answer is yes.

We are often rented out for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, and when children pass into young adulthood, they are always going to be hungry. We have had nothing but satisfied mitzvahs in the past and here are three tips for keeping the kids happy and the young adults full!

How our Kosher Kids Menu Catering is the best

It’s lively and different – While Kosher has restrictions regarding what we can create for the special event, it is important to be lively and different. With the current rage of sriracha and other hot sauces, it’s always a good idea to keep these as sauces.

It’s Kosher but Contemporary – Apples and honey is a timeless recipe. But when you want to keep it kosher and contemporary, there are variations you can take to keep your recipe lively and up to date. One of the variations that we’ve been trying out has been to whip the apples together with honey to create a thick, rich paste that kids will love to come back to.

It’s Filling and Portioned – Finally, you want to keep a lot of dense, snackable food. If you live in a home with teenagers, you know how quickly a bag of chips can disappear in an instant. Create dishes that can be picked up and eaten quickly while also filling them up quickly. Start with potatoes and section them off with braised chicken or spiced mahi-mahi. Finally, top it off with a flourish of something loud: drizzled sriracha, Kosher Mayo mixed with chipotle sauce and much more.

Catering By Eden

Keeping kids full and happy is part of raising children, and I’m sure you have some tricks of your own. So if you have any interesting recipe ideas you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments below!