Do you have something big coming up?

As we get closer to the holidays every year, it’s often a challenge for people to be able to coordinate and organize events on their own. As industry professionals, even we sometimes face challenges in perfectly executing a successful party.

But if you are having problems with event planning, just follow these tips and questions below for finding your way to the right answers for your upcoming party. Use this as a guideline to help you find the answers you are looking for when planning a successful party!

Top Tips for Event Planning!


  • How many people are coming to the party?
  • How old is the average person attending the event?
  • Is there a leaning to a universal food preference?


  • tips for event planningDo you want to be inside or outside?
  • Are there people coming in from out of town?
  • Does everyone know how to get to the location?

Will there be Drinking?

  • Are there any underage patrons attending?
  • Will it be beer and wine or cocktails and open bar?
  • Do you have a responsible bar service?

White Glove Specialties

  • How prestigious are the attendees?
  • Will you need a coat-check?
  • Will you need VIP treatment or valet services?


  • how to plan an eventWho is sitting together?
  • What is the assortment of tables?
  • Are there any activities that require easy access?


  • How will the food be served to the attendees?
  • Should the food be hearty or light and accessible?
  • Will you be providing the utensils?

After Party Services

  • Will you need to work with a cab company or a chauffeur?
  • Do you have a team ready for cleaning up?
  • Are you working with a company that will help you every step of the way?

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