Finding the right one isn’t always easy. There are hundreds of bakers to choose from and even more  designs to pick from, but only one will be perfect for your wedding. From brilliant white cakes to something a little less traditional, the perfect wedding cake can be just about anything. Some couples might decide that an extravagant cake of several tiers suits their wedding, and others might find that a collection of cupcakes is the perfect replacement for a traditional cake. Whatever cake you might choose, it should be one that suits the tone and theme of your wedding.


The modern wedding cake has evolved past the three-tier white creation of yesterday. With the wedding scene changing as rapidly as it is, you’ll find everything from cupcakes to cakes made out of crepes. Brides and grooms are ditching the traditional cakes in favor of different materials for cakes and different decorations. Today’s cakes are adorned with intricate designs of candy and other sweets, some even feature metallic designs that anyone would love to have. Your guests’ jaws will drop and their mouths will water when they take in the sight of your wedding cake.

Besides the look and theme of your cake, it’s also important that your cake be as tasty as possible. There are hundreds of cake flavors to choose from, including: red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and more! Almond cakes have been sweeping the wedding scene, as have cakes frosted in thick buttercream. Some couples have even decided that cakes aren’t the way to go for their wedding. Cakes that made out of thin crepes have become very popular, as have realistic cakes shaped like animals or objects. The perfect wedding cake is a great way to communicate the theme of your wedding, and it’ll set your guests’ taste buds aflame.

Some guests add a singular decoration that makes their guests ‘ooo’ and ‘aahhh’. Cake toppers that light up have become exceptionally trendy among wedding planners and couples in the past year. 2014 will welcome in many more trends on the wedding scene, and you can expect that these trends will carry on through many more weddings, to which cakes are no exception. Cakes will differ throughout the years, but it’s important that you pick one that suits your tastes and your wedding. After all, having the things you want at your wedding will only make your wedding all the more personal.

Have the wedding of your dreams with the perfect wedding cake. You’ll enjoy a lovely wedding alongside your family and friends and chow down on some of the best, most delicious cake you’ll ever have. For many years to come, you and your spouse will look back on your wedding day and remember not only how beautiful the event was, but how you both lovingly served each other that scrumptious wedding cake! Your cake will only add to the magic of your wedding day, so get started choosing the perfect cake for your wedding today.