When you child goes through his or her bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, it is a special day for everyone, for the child, the family, the friends, and especially for you. It is a day that you start to think about as soon as the child is born. When it comes to a bar mitzvah party, organization is crucial, and you can start planning as early as three years before the date of the actual bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. Regardless of whether you are planning to have just a few people at a simple reception or going to have an elaborate affair for 300 people, the goal is the same. You want to have a memorable and meaningful experience for your child and your family that will last a lifetime.

Tips for a Successful Bar Mitzvah Party

Two to three years before the Bar Mitzvah Party
Bar Mitzvah party

  1. Before your child reaches the age of ten, contact a temple or synagogue. Make sure to learn about the timeframe and the process that is required to prepare your child for this important event. Usually, the bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah lessons start one year before the event.
  1. Pick a style for the event, make sure to take into consideration your budget and lifestyle.
  1. Be sure to get in touch with different potential service providers, entertainers, and caterers. This is where Eden Catering comes into play. You can usually rely on word-of-mouth to help you figure those things out and narrow down your choices. If your budget allows for it, you can hire a party planner to coordinate the service providers for you.

One year before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Start booking everything! From the entertainment, location, photographer, and party decorator, this should all be taken care of. Make sure that you are certain about your choices because the deposits you give them are probably nonrefundable.
  1. Select a color or theme for the event. Make sure to keep your child’s preferences in mind and include the child in the planning.

Six months before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Put together a guest list.
  1. Order invitations, direction cards, thank you notes, and napkins. Make sure to order more invitations than what you think will be needed because small quantity reprints can be costly.
  1. Pick out centerpieces for the tables and different decorations. You should also order a sign-in-board at this time if you wish to have one.
  1. Pick out party favors for the younger guests.
  1. Try to arrange accommodations for your out-of-town guests.
  1. Keep in contact with your child’s Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah tutor.
  1. Decide if you would like to offer other events to your guests throughout the weekend, maybe inviting your guests to a Shabbat dinner or a Sunday brunch.

Three months before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Finalize selections such as centerpieces, decorations, and menus.Bar mitzvah party
  1. Make the appropriate appointments to different barbers, stylists, and manicurists as needed.
  1. Order your personalized kippot.

Two months before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Mail out the invitations.
  1. Create the candle-lighting ceremony.
  1. Ensure that the time frames of the entertainers and caterers match.
  1. Have your child practice his/her service out load.

One month before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Reconfirm all of your service providers.
  1. Create a seating plan.
  1. Try to schedule a rehearsal at your temple.

One week before the Bar Mitzvah Party

  1. Provide the caterer with a final guest count.
  1. Adjust all of the seating arrangements.

Make sure to keep Eden Catering in mind when trying to book a catering company. They have years of experience catering all sorts of events including weddings and bar mitzvah parties.