Finding the right caterer to host your event can be a hassle and a strain, that is, if you don’t do your research. It’s even harder if you choose to have your catering off premises. Thankfully, there are off premise caterers, like Eden Catering, that make your sure your event catering goes smoothly and without any problems.

However, we do have some tips to help make your off premise event catering experience an easier one. To begin with, while you’re planning your event, you have to take into account the difficulties that catering off premise can bring. Some of the most common problems that customers face when working with caterers are:

  • Your caterer is tardy.
  • Your caterer gets lost on the way to your event.
  • Your catered items arrive in an unsatisfactory state.

Nobody wants to experience any of these problems while they’re trying to enjoy their event. To avoid them, just follow our tips to having a fantastic off premise catering experience.

  • Have a back-up plan in case problems crop up during the event.


Need a moment to think of a plan? A good way to buy yourself some time is to keep the drinks flowing and your guests happy. Good conversation and good entertainment can help keep your guests entertained while you come up with a solution.  Having a supply of snacks that are not provided by your caterer can momentarily remedy any catering issues as well.

  • Always make sure you have a way to contact your caterer.

Keep in contact with your caterer throughout the catering process. In the case that something goes awry at your event, you’ll also want to make sure you can contact your caterer quick to see if the problem can be fixed, so make sure you have their phone number on-hand throughout your event. Double-check to make sure your caterer’s directions are accurate and that the order that is on its way is the one you asked for to avoid tardiness and mix-ups.

Most of these issues can be solved by choosing the right caterer, and when reviews and tips are just a Google search away, finding the right caterer is easier than ever. As you will see, Eden Catering has raving reviews! Always be sure to check the reviews for your caterer of choice and make sure their overall mood and tone suits the one you’re looking for.

The skilled and experienced event planner will tell you to beware of inexperienced caterers and bad reviews. Nobody wants to be apologizing for the food at their event, but by double-checking the reviews for your caterer, you can make your off premise catering experience go as smoothly as possible. By following these tips, you can ensure that your event’s food is timely, correct, and above all else, delicious.

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