Quinceaneras are one of the most memorable experiences of any young girls lives. It is a rite of passage that is honored from every generation. When we are preparing for the event in today’s society, it is important to strike a balance between old world customs and new Quinceanera food ideas. So we at Eden Catering have compiled a list of two old and two new recipes that will add flair to any Quinceanera food menu.

Catering to Every NeedBarbacoa as part of a quinceanera food menu

When it comes to quinceanera catering, you cannot go wrong if you have Barbacoa.  It is a well spiced shredded beef that usually does best with warm tortillas and salsa to add to the flavor. We suggest the barbacoa have a rich and saucy flavor while making the salsa brighter with some lime or lemon zest.

There are few crazes stronger than Guacamole. While certainly not new by any stretch of the imagination, it is most certainly a flavor of contemporary. Everyone has a different way of doing Guacamole; we suggest never skimping out on the lime. Lime in guacamole will help preserve the flavor and the color of the avocados more which can be extremely important as the party continues.

Pollo Guisado is a chicken stew that claims to be originated from Puerto Rico. This is a vital and old recipe that is usually passed down to families similar to Pico de gallo. We think that to try and compete with the older recipes is foolish (who can cook better than mom?) So when we make ours, we like to add some flair as much as possible.

Talking about now is talking about choices. This can be a little ambitious, it can be a little grabby, but a Fajita Bar is something special. Quinceanera food ideasNot only is it fun to eat, but it is fun to make. It’s one of the few times where it’s okay to batch a lot of different foods together, we suggest cutting a half a clove of garlic, and chopping onions with the meat to all be cooked together then have somebody work on the vegetables on the side, delicious!


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