Recipe Ideas for Sukkot!

In America, Sukkot is known as the feast of tabernacles and is one of the most praised holidays of the Jewish faith. It should be celebrated with a feast, and to keep that feast fresh and exciting we have come up with a great list of recipe ideas for Sukkot. However, when we are designing the feast, let’s remember the past holidays we celebrated and the upcoming year and the prosperity it shall bring.

Sukkot Recipes

Dual Matzo Ball Soup – We start with matzo ball soup with a little bit of symbolism. We will make a nice and rich broth, but we will only have four matzo balls inside of the soup. Two for the days of Rosh Hashanah, and two for the 25 hours of Yom Kippur. This will be a simple appetizer meant to create the reflection necessary for the feast to symbolize the new year.
Recipe Ideas for Sukkot
Graham Crackers and Honey – Instead of the traditional apples and honey, we want to use graham crackers to show and lead into the future bounties won from this new year. A sweet new year is coming up, and the honey with graham crackers is a great way to symbolize this transition.
Recipe Ideas for Sukkot
Stuffed Peppers – Stuffed peppers are the ideal Sukkot food, they represent excess in bounty, they represent the feast incarnate. I always use bell peppers and cut out the insides to be used in the mash that goes inside. Mix with wild rice, chicken, cut onions, light tomato sauce, and one clove of crushed garlic and you have got a stuffed pepper recipe that will top the charts!
Recipe Ideas for Sukkot

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