Rosh Hashanah Catering

Rosh Hashanah is an important and sacred holiday filled with important traditions. How you spend it can be just as important as who you spend it. When you are determining the food and location, it would be best to go with a catering that knows these holidays. Catering by Eden is the perfect choice for Rosh Hashanah catering and to prove that we have drawn up a list of 3  food ideas for this glorious day.

Where Traditions meets New Generations

When handling these recipes and traditions, it is important to be delicate. We are tarnishing the ingredients and tradition; we are revitalizing them with a contemporary twist. New additions are happening to the world of food every day, and we can honor the traditions while bringing in some of that inspiration.

A Sweet New Year – Honey and apples have been the staple of closing off Rosh Hashanah since the dawn of the holiday. For our list, it will be our opener. Apples and Honey have been known as a toast to a “sweet new year.”While we are not going to be changing this at all, we do recommend ensuring its sweetness. Honeycrisp Apples and Apple Blossom Honey will create a beautiful mesh of flavors in your mouth. Between the naturally syrupy taste of the Honeycrisp, to the additional aftertaste of the apple blossom, these two will culminate wonderfully together.

Layers Replaced – Stuffed onions are a staple recipe that is usually outshined by the brisket and the apples. However, we believe that there is a way of making these the next in-demand item. We will slice the onion part way because we want to replace the inner layers. Only leave about 2-3 of the outer layers to be the shell. Chop the extra onions fine and use them as a base with garlic and olive oil. We will cook our meatballs in this and infuse the meat with garlic cloves and Italian spices (I use rosemary and thyme.) While this is cooking, we will begin whipping our potatoes.  We will drop the meatballs into the whipped potatoes and cook the latkes with pepper and fine cut spinach. We will then create a baste of chicken broth, chives, coriander and a little bit of lime juice. You will place the latke covered meatballs inside of the remaining layers of onions and let the soak in the broth and place on a low heat to savor the flavor.

Brisket – 41012157 - homemade smoked barbecue beef brisket with sauceBrisket stands apart here. While we should never try to interfere with mother’s Brisket, we will suggest a quality and simple recipe. Brisket, Red Wine, Salt & Pepper, Onion, Garlic, Chives. Liberal amounts of everything except the wine and let it rest in your crock pot for a while. We may not offer the best recipe on brisket, but we will offer simplicity and the easiest one.

If you’d rather rest your hands for Rosh Hashanah and let us do the harder work, call us at (954)922-3344 for a consultation and quote as well as an appointment.