Many couples like to incorporate wedding traditions from their backgrounds into their special day. For Russian brides, incorporating some of the Russian wedding traditions and customs from their mother country can be very important. Russia is a country that celebrates weddings in a big way. By big, we mean that Russian weddings often go on for two or more days! If you’re interested in learning more about the popular customs of Russian weddings, keep reading below!

Ransom – One of the most popular wedding customs you’ll hear about in Russia is the ransom. Prior to the church ceremony or civil ceremony, a Russian bride will often be ransomed to her groom. The bride’s family and friends will pretend to kidnap her and will expect the groom to “pay” for her return with candy, coins, and other things. Some Russian-American brides will incorporate a version of this custom into their wedding, by having an article, such as a shoe, “stolen” from her and requiring a ransom from the groom to get it back.

Wedding Ring – In America, it is customary for brides to wear their wedding ring on the left hand. In Russian wedding tradition, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. A wedding ring worn on the left hand signifies that you were previously married, but are now divorced or widowed.

Bread and Salt – Bread and salt are traditionally given to the bride and groom by both sets of parents. This gift serves as a symbol of prosperity and long and healthy life. Russian wedding customs regarding the bread and salt vary but can include the couple taking a bite out of the bread or sharing the bread with guests.

Entertainer/Toastmaster – Many Russian weddings include an entertainer or toastmaster. This person is sort of like an American wedding planner and helps with the planning and execution of the wedding. This person is responsible for keeping guests entertained, announcing toasts, and making sure everyone is having fun.

Alcohol/Music/Food – There is usually plenty of music, alcohol, and food present at Russian weddings. Russians love to celebrate and it is not unusual for many of the guests to get drunk at the wedding. Traditional instruments are often used to play music and Russian guests are encouraged to dance and enjoy themselves as much as possible.

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