In the city where parties and events occur practically every single night and undoubtedly every single weekend, caterers are aplenty. However, that doesn’t mean that every catering company is a quality catering company. Actually, with so many catering companies around in South Florida, there are many unprofessional and inexperienced catering companies trying to sell their services. Fortunately, nowadays there are many online resources available, which make finding a catering company that meets your needs and expectations just a little bit easier.

If you’re planning to throw a catered event in 2014, or any other time in the future, the best place to begin your search for the right company to cater it would be by asking friends and family. Some friends and family members may just voluntarily rave about a company they love, when they hear you’re looking for a caterer. Or, if you’ve gone to a party recently and absolutely loved the food and service you received, you can always ask your hosts after the party for the name of their caterer. Some of the best referrals are word-of-mouth referrals, which is why we at Eden Catering love it when new customers come in and tell us we were highly recommended by friends of theirs!

Even if someone highly recommended a caterer to you, you should still do some research online before giving the caterer a call. Some places to look for research include:

  • Go to the catering company’s website.
  • Look up reviews on popular sites like Yelp and Citysearch.
  • See if the catering company has an account on Facebook or Instagram and look at some of the comments that people have left for them. Take a look at some of the pictures too!
  • Lastly, perform a search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and see what other important information you discover.


Once you’ve done your research, you might want to call a few places and set up a consultation or sampling. Most catering companies specialize in a specific type of cuisine. Meeting with a few companies gives you the opportunity to select the company whose dishes best match your flavor interests. You’ll also get a one-on-one chance to meet with some of the staff, and to see if you feel comfortable with the service they provide. Do the caterers seem friendly and attentive? Did they have everything ready for your appointment or were you left waiting? These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself.

Just because a company advertises themselves as ‘South Florida caterers’ doesn’t mean they necessarily cater to all of South Florida, so you may want to double-check what catering areas they serve. South Florida encompasses quite a bit of territory, and a caterer who usually provides service to Homestead might not go as far north as Coral Springs or the Palm Beach area.

Eden Catering is one of the premier South Florida caterers. We provide delicious cuisine from all over the world and spectacular service. We’ve got hundreds of reviews and testimonials to prove it, as well as courteous staff members who are always willing and ready to answer all of your questions. And because we’re located in Hollywood, Florida we are happy to provide our catering services to clients in all three counties of South Florida. Give us a call to set up your appointment today! (954) 922-3344.