Thanksgiving caterers? For years now, Eden Ballroom & Catering has been providing hassle-free Thanksgivings that’ll leave your family and friends feeling as satisfyingly stuffed as turkeys. If you want great-tasting food during your holiday festivity without the stress, just contact Eden Ballroom & Catering and specify what exactly you want! Once your food arrives on the day or night of your festivities, we’re almost positive your jaw will hit the ground. After just one bite of Eden Ballroom & Catering’s delicious food, you’ll be hooked forever.

Thanksgiving is truly a momentous event in any family. You and your family gather around the dining room table to eat great food and remember all the fantastic things you have to be thankful for. It is a time of family and gratitude, and with Eden Ballroom & Catering, you can top it off with some great food! Turkeys stuffed till they’re nearly bursting, cranberry sauce; buttery mashed potatoes, succulent pumpkin pie, and much more can decorate your Thanksgiving table if you cater with Eden Ballroom & Catering. Our team of master chefs is talented and skilled in the art of cooking, and the Thanksgiving meals we offer are some of the best.


Thanksgiving caterers that match up to the level of service that Eden Ballroom & Catering provide are few and far between. No other caterer treats every order with the care and determination that Eden Ballroom & Catering so willingly provides. Our skill, talent, and experience will leave every customer coming back for more with Eden Ballroom & Catering. No matter what kind of catering you find yourself in need of, Thanksgiving, birthday, or other special occasion, Eden Ballroom & Catering is ready to serve you.

Cater with Eden Ballroom & Catering this Thanksgiving! If you’re thinking of a traditional Turkey Day, we can whip up sweet potato pie and turkey just to your liking. Or if tradition isn’t what you’re looking for, we can prepare just about anything you have in mind!  Thanksgiving featuring international foods? Simple! Dessert-based Thanksgiving? Can do! Breakfast foods for Thanksgiving? You got it! There’s hardly anything your Thanksgiving caterers can’t do to make this an absolutely memorable holiday. With all the options available at Eden Ballroom & Catering, it’s not hard to see why so many people have been our customers for so long! After you try one of our meals, you’ll be dying for us to cater your next event.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Eden Ballroom & Catering to have the greatest catering experience of a lifetime. Once you dine on our Thanksgiving feast, you’ll be hooked on Eden Ballroom & Catering for life. Not only that, but your family will be able to enjoy a wholesome meal while spending some quality time together. Leave the cooking to us and focus on enjoying your family’s company. Eden Ballroom & Catering has got you covered in every aspect of your dinner.

Call today to set up your catered Thanksgiving event! Our catering staff is standing by to help you plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving Day feast! Have a happy holiday and a happy stomach with Eden Ballroom & Catering; call today! (954) 922-3344.