Thanksgiving catering company? Don’t trust your catering to anyone less than the best, which of course means don’t trust anyone but the catering experts of Eden Ballroom & Catering! As a top rated caterer in South Florida, you can rely on us to provide an unforgettable culinary experience for all of your guests. Your friends and family will be delighted to know that you’ve ensured their Thanksgiving feast will be a delicious one by placing it in the hands of professionals. Our food is so good; we hope you won’t blame us if no one is talking!

If you’ve never worked with a Thanksgiving catering company, we’re here to let you know there’s nothing to it. Really, all it takes is a phone call and our helpful staff will walk you through everything. We’ll find out what your needs are, what you’d like served, what you definitely don’t want served, and more. Together we will come up with a menu that satisfies your taste buds as well as those of your guests, too! And best of all, we’re totally affordable. An affordable catered Thanksgiving event? We promise you this isn’t a dream!


There are several reasons why people seek out a Thanksgiving catering company. For starters, many people don’t have the time or equipment to prepare a feast for so many people. Whether you’ve got family flying in from all over the country or you’ve invited all of your neighbors to spend the holiday at your home; we’re here to tell you that cooking for four is not the same as cooking for ten! Oven space can be limited in a single-family home and preparation can feel cramped and hectic. Catering your Thanksgiving event saves you all the hassle! We have all the space, staff, and experience to get you the foods you crave the most on time at your dinner table, for as many guests as you need!

So what is it that you like to see on your Thanksgiving table? Are you a traditionalist; turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie? Do you love all the side-dishes, but prefer your Thanksgiving dinner to be meat-free? Do you think Thanksgiving should be innovative and new ever year? Good thing that Eden Ballroom & Catering has no problem catering to all of these requests! We’re not any other Thanksgiving catering company; we’re a company focused on fulfilling your culinary desires. We can whip up something exotic and international or keep the table spread with home-style classics and traditional favorites. We’re at your service!

A good Thanksgiving catering company knows that there’s more to catering than tasty food. Sure, it’s the most important factor, but what would Thanksgiving be like if no one took the time to make sure the food also looks presentable? Our food looks so good; you might have to push the food photographers aside to get your plate filled! And once you’ve taken a bite of any of our dishes, we’re sure you’ll be calling us to cater all of your future events. Don’t spend this holiday season slaving over a hot stove! Spend it by sharing good moments with friends and family while we do the cooking for you. Just give us a call at (954) 922-3344.