The Key to Great Sandwich Platters

Sandwich Platters are a common choice for many people when they are considering catering. Anything from a fun birthday party to a large scale wedding will consider sandwich platters at one point or another. They’re a great source for people who want substantial finger food.

But with such a fan favorite, is it possible to get it wrong? On the other side, is there a way that you can make a great sandwich platter that makes everyone remember yours as the favorite? To examine the platter, we must first examine the sandwich.

What makes a great Sandwich?

Sandwich-PlatterThe Bread is your Foundation – Every single sandwich that you create will be in between two slices of bread, so make sure your bread is impeccable. When you are getting ready to make the sandwich see if there is a spice of herb that you can additionally cook into the bread. Even if you don’t make the bread yourself, you can still make it yours.

Sauces are Necessary – Many people who eat the sandwich will love it, but after a few bites, they will want to spice it up. Our secret rule of thumb is ‘find the ideal number of sandwiches you expect them to eat, and multiply it by three. This is the amount of some sauces you provide.’ Often you don’t want more than 5 or 6 sauces.

Vegetables Should Steal the Show – Meat is amazing, but vegetables have so much more variety regarding flavor palates. Making the keen decision between lettuce and spinach should be a no-brainer, but have you thought about chopping them together and making a crisp mash?

Organize the Sandwich Correctly – If you are going to make a specific design about your sandwich, just be consistent and deliver on the flavors accordingly. You want to organize the meat on bottom with veggies on top. Because then you have that splash of warm then crisp finish. But if you’re going to change it up, then be specific.

Eden Catering

Sandwich Platters are some of our favorite creations to make. There are fewer things more fun than creating a few dozen sandwiches and sauces for people to eat. We believe there is a right way to make them and we intend on doing that for every one of our clients.

Eden Catering has been working in South Florida for several years and has consistently pushed for being the best. If you would like to learn more about our services, then please give us a call at (954) 922-3344!