Do you have a Wedding Coming Up?

If you are planning a wedding then you know it is not some easy, overnight thing. Finding a theme and design is half the battle because which theme is going to define your wedding best?

If you need help with that, here are some of the hottest wedding trends on the market right now.

What are the Top Four Wedding Trends?


Vintage is all the rage right now. Dressing up like flappers and roaring 20’s studs and hanging out with all the gold and white that you can handle.

kosher wedding trendsVintage catering to the era can be anything from Jazzy creole and spiced foods that were symbolic of the nightlife to 1950’s diner drive in food. If you don’t like the food ideas, don’t forget that presentation can add more than the flavor.


Over The top is the new standard for many people’s weddings. It’s the biggest day of your life, and you are going to make it huge. Chandeliers, Gorgeous Lights, Crystal Glasses for Champagne.

With Dramatic weddings comes dramatic food options. You’re looking for caviar; you’re looking for golden crusted pasta and the finest veal in the land.

Classy Romance

Romance is in high demand at weddings. This can be anything that is storybook oriented. You’re looking at simple blues, piercing white, and dainty yellows, pinks, whatever the bride wants as her favorite color.

south florida wedding trends When you’re dealing with classy, romantic weddings, you want to have the staple foods, but the execution is everything. Vodka sauce Spaghetti is great for the Lady and Tramp lovers out there.


Rustic is slowly making a bigger comeback as many people are looking for an au natural look.

Vintage food will be fine food and finer wines. You want people to eat fanciful food by candlelight.

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