1) Have a plan.

Every successful wedding starts with a plan; it’s the only way to keep track of everything that has to be done before the day. With so many details involved in planning a wedding, keeping a list of the things you need to take care of and have already taken care of is more than useful, it’s vital. Knowing you have a plan will also help you keep calm when things seem stressful.

2) Get some help.

It’s difficult to plan an entire wedding by yourself. Along with getting your partner involved, you might want to consider hiring an experienced wedding planner (budget allowing) or enlisting the help of family and friends in getting things done. You might even want to select your bridal party or groomsmen from your pool of helpers!

3) Budget.

It would be nice to have an unlimited amount of money to plan the wedding of your dreams, but the reality is, you probably have a budget you want to stick to. Taking time to figure out what this budget is, and how you’d like to best allocate the funds, is important. Would you rather spend more of your budget on a beautiful venue, or splurge on the dress of your dreams? Make sure you allow for incidentals, too!

4) Decide where and when.

Where and when you choose to have your wedding can influence a lot of things, like the décor, theme, or food and dress options. Choose your venue early on during the planning process to ensure you can have it on the day you want. If you’re planning on having a South Florida wedding, we recommend our beautiful on-site banquet hall, which features everything you need to have a fabulous wedding, including a spacious dance floor, fully equipped bar, and private bridal room.

5) The dress.

Finding a wedding dress you love is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning experience. Grab a few friends or family members and get shopping! The most important thing to remember here is that YOU have to love the dress and feel comfortable in it. Don’t settle for anything less! If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful.


6) The theme.

Once you know your when and where, coming up with a theme for your wedding can be a whole lot easier. You might want to stick with a color scheme appropriate to the season, or have a fun theme, like Hollywood Glam, Mardi Gras, or Royal Event. Selecting a theme is useful for knowing what kind of food and cake you’d like to serve, too.

7) Invites.

Whether you have your invitations professionally printed or you print them yourselves at home (homemade invitations look great nowadays!), the invitations aren’t as important as who you choose to invite. We suggest inviting guests you know will enjoy your wedding and who will help celebrate your love in a happy and positive way. Your guests are there to enhance the celebration, not cause you stress!

8) Food.

One of the top things most guests talk about after a wedding is the food, which is why you’ll want to ensure you serve up food that’s fresh and tasty. Luckily, we here are Eden Catering can do just that! Our experienced chefs deliver fantastic flavor on every meal they prepare. And with so many meal, serving, and presentation options, you can count on us for a quality catering experience like no other!

9) Music.

Aside from choosing the song you’ll share your first dance to, choosing a DJ or live band that you and your guests will love is another important aspect of a wedding. Make sure you’ve heard a sampling of what kind of music you should expect at your wedding before you choose, so you can accurately decide whether you’ll be getting down on the dance floor or sitting down in your chair.

10) Enjoy yourself!

It’s your wedding day! Enjoy the planning, enjoy the celebration, and enjoy your love! Not everything is going to go right the whole way through, but that’s okay! At the end of the day, you’ll still be with the person you love, so make sure you don’t stress out too much, and just enjoy the ride!