Looking for Jewish recipes to make at home? Whether you’re simply curious about trying traditional Jewish food for the first time, or you’ve had a chance to try some delicious Jewish cooking before and are looking to replicate the meal in your own kitchen, finding easy Jewish recipes online is a cinch. From Jewish holiday recipes to Jewish dinner recipes, we’re going to share some of our favorites with you.

1) Blintzes: These aren’t quite crepes, but they’re thinner than a typical American pancake. They can be stuffed with virtually anything, but are traditionally stuffed with a cheesy filling. Perfect for eating at breakfast time, for a snack, or even at dinnertime! Many Jewish families serve these during Chanukah. Most blitnz recipes are pretty easy, and require less than 10 ingredients for basic versions.

2) Challah: This a braided loaf of bread eaten on the Sabbath and on most Jewish holidays, including Rosh Hashanah. Challah is also known as egg bread and can contain honey or raisins.


3) Latkes: Also known as potato pancakes, this is a Jewish recipe that’s perfect for Chanukah. They’re made from three basic ingredients (flour, egg, and potato), seasoned, and then deep fried. This is another easy Jewish recipe that you’ve got to try!

4) Brisket: This is a common entrée that’s served at many Jewish holidays and dinners. While brisket can be cooked in many ways, traditional Jewish cooking methods for this cut of beef call to cook the meat slowly, pot roast-style.

Some other traditional and easy Jewish recipes you might be interested in, include: matzo balls, noodle pudding, chopped liver, Mandel bread, rugelach, and tzimmes.

Once you’ve found a Jewish recipe you’d like to make, you can either go to one of the many local gourmet Jewish markets in South Florida, or you can check whether your local grocery store has what you need. Many of the well-known grocery stores now carry an extensive array of products tailored to Jewish cuisine and kosher diets. Of course, many ingredients can be found in the standard aisles of most grocery stores. It’s entirely your choice as to what ingredients you’d like to use.

We hope you find a recipe you love, and that your dishes are a tasty success! If you love Jewish style cooking and are interested in finding a caterer who can serve you your favorites, please give us a call at (954) 922-3344. Our menu includes dozens of typical Jewish culinary delights, and we’re happy to customize a menu including these and any other great dishes that you may love!