Is Vegan Kosher? Our Vegan Menu

The vegan diet is rising in popularity for a majority of Americans. With this in mind, we are often asked if we offer vegan catering. This is always an odd question for us to receive because, for the most part, Kosher and Vegan eating is strikingly similar. Besides the fact that we do eat meat, the majority of our diets revolve around not having animal byproducts in our food. That is usually what separates vegetarians from vegans. But while Kosher is definitely not Vegan, is vegan kosher?

Is Kosher VeganKosher is not vegan because we eat meat. But there are many processes that kosher restaraunts take that vegan ones do not. So someone who is strictly vegan can eat at a kosher restaurant, but someone who is strictly kosher may not be able to eat at a vegan restaurant.

Is Vegan Kosher?

Equipment Management – Most restaurants are good about cross-contamination. This is that they are thoroughly cleaned before interacting with different foods from dissimilar sources. While vegan certified equipment are certified to being vegan through cross-contamination, if they buy their equipment used or don’t receive kosher certification, then they are not certified kosher.

Insect Invaders – Insects are incredibly hard to manage when it comes to fruits and produce. Most fruit and produce when bought raw or fresh will require special cleaning by the jewish faith in ordear to be eaten. However, for vegan restaraunts these cleaning methods are not needed to be enforced for consumption.

Is Vegan KosherTraditionalism – The final part of truly kosher eating is the traditionalism about present people being Jewish. When you serve grape juice or wine they must be created by a Jewish ritual and the owner of the store must be Jewish themselves. Without this, a vegan restaurant can’t be considered kosher.

Eden Catering

With Eden Catering, our vegetarian options are guaranteed and automatically vegan. We have been providing high-end vegetarian, vegan, and kosher catering for several years. If you would like to know more about our vegan options or how we prepare our excellent food, please give us a call today at (954) 922-3344!