You’ve come to the right place! Flowers are a big part of the wedding décor for almost every bride, and after reading this article, we’re sure you’ll be confident about how to go about finding the perfect flowers for your special day. Whether you’ve always loved exotic flowers or are into the more common varieties, these tips will help you decide what kind of flowers you want at your wedding. We hope that some of our tips for wedding floral decorations will help you make the final decision about what kinds of gorgeous arrangements you want adorning your party.

First things first, don’t let your floral arrangements upstage you! Large floral pieces are beautiful, but you don’t want to obstruct the view of your wedding ceremony or reception. If you’re going to have large floral arrangements, make sure they’re tall enough to go above the eye-level of guests sitting at the tables. Otherwise, everyone is going to miss watching your magical first dance!


The second item on our list of wedding floral tips is: be mindful of guest allergies! Just imagine, guests are filing into their seats on your big day, but just as they begin to make themselves comfortable, they find themselves sneezing! Very fragrant fauna can cause your allergy-prone guests to sneeze and sniffle all through the night, making it hard for them to fully enjoy your wedding day. It might be a good idea to avoid the gardenias on this one, but if you’re bent on having your ceremony smell like a garden, talk to your guests about setting aside a section for those who are allergy-prone. This’ll leave them able to enjoy your ceremony without having to reach for their handkerchiefs. Faux flowers are also another great option! Nowadays, they look so real you can’t even tell the difference!

Thirdly on our list of wedding floral tips, make sure you pick a florist that you absolutely love. Picking a floral designer you’re not so sure about can have disastrous results. After all, nobody wants to walk down the aisle holding something that will ruin their wedding pictures. Secondly, make sure you communicate often and well with your florist. Communication is key in any relationship, including your relationship with your florist. In order to make sure you love all the floral arrangements for your wedding, you’ve got to be on the same page as your designer.

Lastly, and arguably the most important, don’t forget that not everything has to be elaborate. Simple arrangements can be just as beautiful as complicated ones, and better yet, we recommend picking flowers that are grown locally. Not only will you be supporting your local florist, but you’ll be reminding both you and your guests of the flowers they’ve grown up with. When you work with a florist who listens to your needs and keeps your guests in mind throughout all of your floral decisions, you can count on having an arrangement that’s not only beautiful but well received by everyone at your wedding.