Have you always dreamt of a winter wedding? Many couples do! After all, it’s one of the most magical times of the year; a time when many places get blanketed in glittering white snow and friends and family gather together for the holidays. Nowadays, turning your wedding into the winter wonderland of your dreams is easier than ever, thanks to the variety of online websites that offer fantastic wedding ideas for winter. Below, we’ve listed some ideas that we think are particularly great!

White as snow – Nothing says winter quite like the color white does. Winter weddings often stay within the range of cool colors, like whites, blues, silvers, and greys. These colors also help to lend a simple, modern, and elegant design to any wedding.

Winter décor – Frosted branches, snow fluffs, and pine cones are just some of the few items you might want to use to decorate your space. We also love glittering snowflakes, which can be hung from a ceiling or scattered throughout your tables.


Candles and fireplaces –Winter is all about feeling cozy and warm. A venue with a large fireplace is an attractive option, but candles and tea lights can also provide a sense of warmth and elegance to your wedding. Place a few differently sized candles abed a tuft of artificial snow, and you’ve got a wonderfully warm and modern centerpiece.

Flowers/berries – Some brides choose to follow through with the white theme in their bouquets, which is beautiful and elegant. However, we’ve seen brides who’ve incorporated bright red roses, berries, stems, and pinecones into their bouquets in order to add personality and a pop of color.

Comfort food – For winter weddings we like the idea of creamy soups, hearty pastas, and warm desserts. Basically, we believe that winter food should help heat you up from the inside out. As a fun addition, you might want to offer your guests frothy hot chocolate with authentic marshmallows or a decadent chocolate fountain.

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