Fall weddings remind us of the Three Little Bears story; summer can be too hot, winter can be too cold, but fall is always just right, which is why so many couples choose to celebrate the season of change by throwing a fabulous autumn-themed wedding! Wedding ideas for fall include everything from venue and table décor to fashion, favors, food, and entertainment options. Luckily, many have shared their own fall wedding ideas online for free. However, sometimes having so much information can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve tried to compile a short list of some ideas we’ve seen (and loved!):

Colors – This season is best represented by the warm colors that remind us of the changing leaves outdoors, which include browns, red, oranges, and deep purples or blues. Incorporating any combination of these colors into your wedding is a surefire way to embrace the fall season. You may even want to include some real leaves or natural décor!

Pumpkins – Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween; they serve as great wedding décor too! Artificial pumpkins can be fully painted or designed to match the theme of your wedding. They can be a part of a fun centerpiece or serve as an elegant way to line a walkway. You can also stick tea lights in them, for warm illumination. Of course, they’re also a great addition to any fall wedding menu!


Favors – Some of our favorite wedding ideas for fall, fall within the favors category because this category allows for the most creativity. We’ve seen past clients provide guests with gourmet candy apples wrapped in monogrammed cellophane, jars of syrup or fall-inspired cake mixes, embossed candles, small potted plants, and more!

Food – There’s nothing like fall cookin’. After all, the biggest food holiday of the year falls within this season. Popular food items at a fall wedding include, squash or cream based soups, miniature apple and pumpkin pies, roasted meats with hearty vegetables, corn, warm breads, and more!

While these ideas are just a sampling of wedding ideas for fall, it’s not anywhere near being all-inclusive. If you’re in need of some help to plan your fall wedding, then you need to give us, Eden Ballroom & Catering, a call at (954) 922-3344. Our wedding planning and catering services are affordable and professional. We help you plan the wedding of your dreams within your budget, and without sacrificing service or quality. Our client testimonials are proof that we are committed to what we do and that we go above and beyond to ensure your event is a success. Don’t waste another minute wondering how you’re going to pull this fall wedding together, give us a call now!