So, Thinking of Weddings with Dogs?

Weddings with dog hollywood floridaWeddings are such a big and emotional day. It’s a day that people want to celebrate with family and their friends, altogether cheering love and creating a new family. On this beautiful day, more and more people want to include their furry family in their big day, especially dogs. Pets are considered family for many people and many couples do not want to leave their dogs out of the celebration. So it’s no surprise that more and more people are bringing their pets and making them part of the wedding celebration. So if you are one of those who are considering a wedding with dogs, here at Eden Catering, we want to share some tips about having a pet at weddings. We hope these tips can make your furry family feel comfortable and enjoy the day better.

Having a Pet at WeddingsEden Catering in Hollywood Florida 

The very first thing you need to consider, above all, is is your dog’s personality. You wouldn’t want to bring your dog, only to find out that weddings might not have been his thing. Or discover little Fido would have rather stay home and lick you congratulations instead.

Before you give your dog any role in your wedding, will your dog enjoy being around a crowd of cheering people and music? Is your dog the type that is curious and easily distracted? If you are planning a wedding with dogs, you cannot predict how your dog might react in a wedding and might find the whole celebration a bit overwhelming for him.

To help ease your dog and stay cautious, think of ways that will make him most comfortable. If your dog is particular fond of someone in your wedding party, ask that person if he can keep an eye on your dog and keep him feeling safe. If you have
a shy dog (and if he is small enough), use a wagon instead to ride him around instead. You can also hire a pet sitter and have the pet sitter and your pet baby spend some time together before the big day, so they are comfortable together during your wedding.

All Right, I think my dog will be fine. What else should I do?

Great! Now the second thing you should so make sure that your dog is allowed at your wedding venue. You wouldn’t want to plan a wedding with dogs and your dog can’t even be invited to the party. That would be a big whoop. Also, it’s a bit discourteous just to show up with little Fido and not let the venue know about it. If it turns out that dogs aren’t allowed at the venue, although it might be disappointing, your pet can still be at your wedding in other ways through wedding favors or wedding portraits.

Whew! I just checked, My Pet Baby is allowed!

Weddings with dogs eden cateringWell, aren’t you lucky? The next thing to think about is what little Fido is going to wear. Everyone loves a well-dressed dog, and it’s super fun to have Fido dress up along with you. Just make sure that whatever tuxedo he wears is comfortable and won’t make him too hot. If you are unsure, consider a bow tie that fits comfortably just in case. If you are pet parents of a little Fidette, the same rule applies as well for your little lady. Her dress should be comfortable and not be a nuisance to her.

The last thing you need if you have a pet at weddings, is how will your pet eat and drink? Your dog will be hungry, just like you will be. Whether it’s a pet sitter or a friend that well be watching little Fido, inform them where food and water will be.

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On the subject of food, humans need to eat at a wedding too, and Eden Catering is the caterer you need to bring the flavor you need to your big day!