What is the meaning of Kosher Food?

It is a common mistake to believe that Kosher food is a short list of tasteless foreign food blessed by a Rabbi in a kitchen with unfamiliar ingredients. Contrary to belief, Kosher food is actually very flavorful. What determines the taste is basically how it is seasoned. Kosher food’s main priority is being sanitary. This means number 1: A clean kitchen that does not mix dairy and meat and number 2: Ingredients that fall within the Jewish Dietary laws guidelines regarding food.

Jewish Dietary Laws state that:

  • Pork, rabbit, eagle, owl, catfish, sturgeon, and any shellfish, insect or reptiles are non-kosher.
  • Other species of meat and fowl must be slaughtered in an approved manner to be kosher.

What is Kosher Food?Do I have to be Jewish to enjoy Kosher Food?

No, of course not!  At Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering we have a variety of kosher cuisine that please the palates of every individual regardless of race or religion. Actually, some health-conscious people may opt for kosher meals for high cleanliness and health standards.  If you opt for a kosher caterer, or more specifically a Glatt kosher caterer (such as Eden Catering) for your wedding or special event, you will be assured that your food will adhere to the strictest food supervision guidelines.

Eden Catering adheres not only to the strict guidelines of Kosher foods, but we also provide food that is Glatt kosher. Glatt kosher means that there were absolutely no questions about the health of the animal at all. Regular kosher meat comes from healthy animals, but in some instances, there are certain lesions on the lung of the animal that are quite common and often form in reaction to a hole in the animal’s lung, which would render it un-kosher.

At Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering we are a family owned business, that has been providing the community with excellent service, and culinary delights prepared to meet the highest level of kashrus while tantalizing the sharpest palettes. Our kosher menus, designed to suit any occasion, are attractive, unique and affordable. We cater to a full array of functions, from Bar-Mitzvahs, Weddings, Kiddush, and even daily meals for Schools.

We can accommodate all kind of orders or parties in your home, office, temple or your special venue in South Florida. Call us today at 954-922-3344 to speak to one of our qualified and talented event coordinators to customize a menu to suit your needs.