What is a Mobile Bar Service?

south florida bar serviceA Mobile Bar service is a concierge service that provides anywhere from beer and wine to full on liquor services for any event you could require. Typically, mobile bar services provide their liquor and pricing standards as well as a mobile bar set up and provide a bartender in one giant service.

But just because someone can purchase a ton of bottles, and a mobile bar stand doesn’t mean they are prepared to become a standardized mobile bar service provider.

What are the standards for a Mobile Bar Service

So what are the standards for a mobile bar service? Presentability, Accountability, and if you’re lucky, some flair.

mobile bar servicePresentability – A bartender must be presentable. No one wants to be served drinks from someone who looks disheveled or unprepared for whatever the day might cost. This can be forming to your specialty wedding or event (Hula, Costume parties, etc.) But a bartender should also carry the standard vest, bowtie, and dress attire.

Accountability – Next they need to be accountable. You can’t have irresponsible bartenders searching for the tips over creating a fun and comfortable environment for everyone. If they are over-serving or serving to the wrong kinds of people, it can create an awful experience for everyone involved.

Flair – Finally, they need to have flair. I don’t mean that they should be flipping bottles around like a flair bartender, though that certainly does help. However, they should be personable and capable of holding conversations with everyone and have a good time.

Eden Catering

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