Yom Kippur is the most important day of the year for the Jewish faith. The day of atonement and the accompanying fasting is taxing on the body but freeing of the conscious. When you are ready to break the fast of Yom Kippur, it is best to eat food that is digestible and good for your diet, as well as fulfilling and nourishing.

Our Yom Kippur Recipes

The most important thing to know when you break the fast is that you must eat slowly and eat small. A 25-hour fast constricts the stomach, and if you eat too much or too fast, you can do serious harm to your body.

Yom KippurBagels and Lox – Bagels and lox are an excellent way to break the fast. The bread of the bagel makes it easy to your stomach to have something digestible. The bread soaks up much of the stomach acids which aid in digestion. Next, lox is an excellent way to replenish valuable proteins and omega fatty acids which will revitalize your body. Combine these two with a little schmear and you have got a delicious way to start your day.

Fruits and Cakes – Adding sugars and sweetness to your diet will help kick start your metabolism again. The fruits you should be looking for are easily digestible, like melons, apples, and pears. You want fruit that is fresh and crisp because they are easier on the stomach. Mushy fruits like bananas could swell your belly uncomfortable because of the way the sugars break down. Small cakes are another way to add sweetness and a bready substitute similar to the benefits of bagels. Spongey cakes or moist cakes are a great way for your stomach to digest food after a long fast.

Yom Kippur Blintz Blintz and Kugels – These are about as thick as you should go. Potatoes are great for filling up and letting your stomach do some work again. Whether you choose sweet or savory is up to you. We prefer savory because the bagels, lox, fruit, and cakes, don’t have that ‘meal’ feel to them, and so we always suggest a cheese blintz or a casserole.

Eden Catering for Yom Kippur

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