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Eden Catering has been centered in South Florida for over a decade. In that time we have helped countless clients make their events memorable. If you want to know more about the processes of catering, keep reading!

What is the Occasion?

There are a different set of dining rules and preconceptions when you are considering getting catering. A work or corporate party might be more focused on finger foods and spritzers, while as bar mitzvah might be revolving around foods meant to fill up a lot of people.

We cater for every occasion, make sure to call the best catering company in Hollywood, FL, and discuss the best options for your special event.

What is the Location?

There is a world of difference between catering outdoors and catering indoors.

While we offer our ballroom up for rental for any of our guests, we can travel and cater at any indoor facility no problem.

When it comes to outdoor catering, there is a caveat to working in South Florida. First, if you are using beaches or public parks, we need to have our outdoor catering license in-tact, which we do and maintain throughout the year.

But additional problems with Catering outdoors in South Florida is the almost guaranteed weather problems. Between the imminent rains and sporadic winds, we usually have our work cut out for us when we do outdoor catering!

What do you Want to Eat?

We currently offer a wide variety of catering services in Hollywood, FL to serve our clientele. We offer anything from conventional catering to kosher and vegetarian catering.

Knowing what you want and what needs to fall within your diet and knowing what the rest of your group will want is one of the unique challenges of a catering company and working with us can resolve any problems before they rise.

Eden South Florida Catering

Eden Catering has been working in South Florida for several years and has consistently pushed for being the best. If you enjoyed our South Florida catering guide and would like to learn more about our catering services, then please give us a call at (954) 922-3344!

Outdoors Catering in South Florida
Conventional Catering to Kosher and Vegetarian Catering