Quinceanera Catering Party

Quinceañera, or quince, parties are usually beautiful and lavish events meant to celebrate a young lady’s 15th birthday. The term itself literally translates to “one who is fifteen,” and is used interchangeably to refer to the young lady, as well as to the magnificent party thrown in her honor. These fantastic parties are usually over-the- top in everything from dress, food, music, and of course, venue. After all, what is great food and music if the quinceañera isn’t in the right setting? Are you looking for quinceanera catering services? We are here to assist you.

Quinceanera Catering Venue

For a quinceañera that’s sure to leave her friends ooh-ing and aah-ing, there is no better place than the newly renovated banquet hall of Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering located in Hollywood. Our banquet hall is large enough to fit the Quinceañera, her court, and all of her family and friends without a problem! In fact, we have enough space to accommodate up to 500 guests! And that still leaves plenty of space for everyone to dance with the quinceañera on the enormous dance floor! We provide the best quinceanera banquet halls.

Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering offers exquisite catering services specifically tailored for quinceaneras, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for your special occasion.

quinceanera food catering
Quinceanera Food Catering in Hollywood, FL
quinceanera catering in Hollywood, FL
Quinceanera Food Catering

Quinceanera Catering Celebration A quinceañera is a Latin American celebration th

A quinceañera is a Latin American celebration that is also celebrated in the United States by people of Latin American descent. Though every country has its own customary traditions, including what religious ceremonies the quinceañera will perform, all of them have one thing in common: partying! Across the board, everyone ends their quince celebrations with a fiesta, or party, that includes some form of music and dancing.

The banquet hall at Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering features a performer’s stage, which is great if you plan to have a live band or DJ play at the quinceañera. Maybe you’d like to use the stage as the perfect platform to seat the quinceañera and her court. The choice is up to you! We’re here to make sure you have every option available to you, so that you and your special young woman can plan the quinceañera of her dreams! Food is another important aspect of any party. Luckily for you, Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering offers some of the most fantastic food in Hollywood! Our chefs can cook up virtually any cuisine you can think of, without compromising taste or quality. We can help you create a menu that is unique to a party theme or traditional to your culture. We also offer Quinceañera packages, which can include a variety of stations ranging from the “McEdens” hamburger station to the “Sushi Bar,” and everything in between. Be sure to ask us about creating your fabulous birthday cake as well!

At Eden Regal Ballroom & Catering we’ve hosted hundreds of quinceañera’s, each one as unique as the girl whose birthday it is. We’ve helped girls and their families transform their ideas into reality by partnering them up with the right vendors to meet their needs. It’s our pleasure and our enjoyment to see that every young lady has a great time at our banquet hall. We know you’ll absolutely love the reactions you’ll get from your guests face as they walk in and admire the beauty of the venue and your special decorative details. Don’t worry; we’re okay with your quinceañera taking over the spotlight too!

To start planning a quinceañera any young lady would find spectacular, call us today at 954-922-3344 and ask to speak to one of our qualified and talented event coordinators to know more about our quinceanera food catering options.

We know how crucial it is to create an unforgettable dining experience for your special day. That’s why we provide quinceanera food catering services that impress your guests. Treat your guests to an unforgettable culinary experience with our expert Quinceañera catering services in Hollywood, South Florida.