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Is Kosher Healthy? – Our Healthy Menu

Is Kosher Healthy? – Our Healthy Menu

With Eden Catering, we are a kosher caterer. This, of course, means that everything we serve will be adherent to even the strictest of kosher diets. For most people, this doesn’t change whether or not they want to cater to us because our food is delicious and our service is highly regarded in our community. But, we often receive the question by some skeptics “Is Kosher Healthy?” The short answer is, yes.

Why is Kosher Healthy?

No Pork – First of all, the most obvious reason why Kosher is healthier than other diets is the absence of pork. Pork, while being delicious to the majority of people in the world, is also unhealthy for you. The meat is high in fat, high in cholesterol while contributing very little regarding protein, which is the primary reason to eat meat in the first place.


Smart coordination of Foods – Kosher is a diet of exclusivity. For example, cheeseburgers, you cannot have them. While Beef is allowed and Cheese is allowed, they are not allowed together. While the religious reason is a discussion on its own, the healthy reason is best stated because you shouldn’t be covering fat and protein with more fat and protein. Instead, there should be vegetables. In fact, you can’t even serve beef and cheese together!


Favoring Healthier Foods – This exclusivity and lack of pork forces the kosher dietician and chef to think with louder and more varied flavors. While meat and cheese have a very base flavor combination that most find delicious, there are finer varieties when you open up your palate to some of the flavorful combinations that we provide.


Years of Proven Recipes – Thankfully, when you are working to keep kosher, there are thousands of years of recipes before you. With this back catalog of recipes, you are sure to have dozens if not hundreds of recipes that will appeal to your taste buds and expand them!


Eden Catering

With Eden Catering, we work to improve our recipes and our options constantly. If you would like to see what gourmet kosher cuisine looks like, call us now for pricing for our Kosher catering options and have you and your friends taste the difference. Call Kosher Catering in South Florida today at (954) 922-3344.

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