Celebrate Thanksgiving with ease and flavor by entrusting your meal to Eden Ballroom & Catering.

We offer a delectable range of kosher dishes, ensuring that your Thanksgiving table reflects your unique preferences and dietary needs. From roast turkey to homemade pumpkin pie, we’ve got your Thanksgiving feast covered. Choose from our diverse menu options and create cherished moments with loved ones.

Prices start at $34.95 per person for the basic package. We also provide the option to enhance your dining experience with appetizers, soups, and brisket. Let Eden Ballroom & Catering simplify your holiday preparations.

Enjoy a delicious and kosher Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude.

Complete Thanksgiving Menu

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Add Matzo ball soup/Chicken noodle soup $2.50 per person
Add Brisket $14.95 per person

Whole Oven Roasted Turkey $149
Stuffing, Gravy and Cranberry Sauce $30

We’ll Make Your Holiday Deliciously Simple!

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